Hello There My Former Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

This website is designed to help you turn back to Christ no matter what had happened in your life inside or outside of the church. After all life is too short. If someone had done you wrong, chances are they have repented and made it right with Christ already. Now, it’s time for you to let go and let God. Take back what is rightfully yours through Christ Jesus. Salvation.

What Inspired This Website

In May of 2013, I sat in my evangelism class preparing for door-to-door outing. Suddenly, I felt this burden concerning Backslid Seventh-day Adventists and I asked myself “Why am I going out to seek new souls for the kingdom when we have our own who have left the church and yet no one is going after them?” After graduation, I went on to work as a door-to-door Literature Evangelist. The more I met my fellow brothers and sisters the more I was convinced that this is God’s calling for my life. That’s right! To bring you back into the fold.

It is my sincere prayer that as I reach out and make available to you resources that will help lighten your burden as you embark on this So Very Needed journey that, you will also accept and make good use of the information. And as a result, the Spirit of God will minister through the both of us and one soul at a time, many will be won to Christ. Many will return. God will touch hearts. Scroll down for FREE Download.

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“It Will Be A Joy For You To Come Back Into The Fold!”